Read Our Stories About Dads

This Father’s Day, you can help ensure that every father has the legal resources he needs to maintain custody of his children, protect himself from domestic abuse, and build a better life for his family.

“My only option for help was the Harriett Buhai Center.”

Michael* found the baby’s picture on social media and thought she might be his daughter. He wanted to be a part of her life.

I am thankful to the Center for helping me keep Ellie safe.”

Alex* cherishes his little girl, Ellie*, who loves to dance . No one would know that she has a heart problem that needs surgery. 

“The Center was a lifesaver for me and my son.”

It’s been a long struggle for Martin* and his son, Eddie* but thanks to the Center they are thriving together as a family at last. 

“The Center gave me a chance to be a father.”

Lucas* always wanted to be a part of his daughter Mia’s* life. But, Mia’s mother and her family did not share his plan.

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