“The Center was a lifesaver for me and my son.”

It’s been a long struggle for Martin* and his son, Eddie* but thanks to the Harriett Buhai Center they are thriving together as a family at last. They live in their own home now instead of shelters, and Martin has permanent custody of his son. Martin has high hopes for Eddie, a middle schooler, who loves school and stayed on the honor roll throughout the Pandemic.

Years of Struggle

When Eddie was born, Martin was ecstatic, but his long work hours kept him from helping his wife. Overwhelmed with parenthood and marriage, her mental health deteriorated.  Their life further imploded when Martin lost his job and became ill. They argued a great deal.  When she became violent toward Martin in front of their son, he sought and received a domestic violence restraining order.  The judge gave Martin temporary custody of Eddie. Their rocky existence continued for a while and father and son lived in shelters on and off for a long period of time.

 Finding Stability

After years of no contact from his wife, Martin decided that he and Eddie needed more familial permanence.  Martin came to the Center seeking a divorce and solidifying his custody of his now growing son. The Center quickly filed his papers, and a pro bono attorney recruited by the Center agreed to represent Martin in court. Recently, he appeared in court with his attorney who obtained an order for dissolution of his marriage, and the judge also granted Martin’s request for sole custody of Eddie with no current visitation awarded to his former wife. 

Crossing the Finish Line

“The Center was a lifesaver for me and Eddie. Everyone at the Center and my pro bono attorney helped me cross the finish line. They really cared about me and my son,” Martin said gratefully. “It will be a very happy Father’s Day!”

*Client’s name and photo have been changed to protect his privacy.

June 2021