New Leaders Network

New Leaders Network is a community of rising leaders who care about social justice in Los Angeles. Its goal is to foster deeper connections to the Center and build a network of people who share a dedication to its mission.

Why New Leaders Network?

The Harriett Buhai Center for Family Law provides free, comprehensive, and compassionate family law legal services to hundreds of low-income individuals every year. This work is imperative, and New Leaders Network is an opportunity to be a part of the Center in a more meaningful way.

By joining New Leaders Network, you will have access to unique volunteer, educational, and networking events and have the opportunity to lend your voice to further the Center’s mission alongside some of Los Angeles’ most impactful and altruistic professionals.

How To Become A Member

To join New Leaders Network, individuals donate a base membership subscription of $20 per month to the Harriett Buhai Center to exhibit their commitment to the Center.

You can scroll down to see our list of members.

For more information about membership, please contact

Your membership will help ensure the Center’s growth for many years to come.


Network with professionals who share your commitment to the Harriett Buhai Center and social justice in Los Angeles.


Gain access to distinctive educational opportunities and explore the importance of the Harriett Buhai Center’s programs.


Provide steady, reliable support for the Center’s programs through your consistent philanthropy and lend your voice to further the Center’s mission.


Randi Akasaki

Blaire Bailey

Robert Baseman

Melissa Buchman

Sophie Buhai

Sreoshi Datta Sheth

Kimberly K. Davidson

Andrew DeBlock

Tara Doss

Lorrina Duffy

Elizabeth Elson

Elizabeth Erickson

Rebecca Fischer

Kate Gillespie

Victoria Goldfarb

Erin Grey

Donna S. Hershkowitz

Karriann Farrell Hinds

Kristen Hirashima

Carrie Holmes

Michelle Horwitch

Evan Itzkowitz

Gabrielle Jackson

Benjamin Kanani

Elizabeth Kibbey

Kimia Klein

Dena Kravitz

Rachel Kronick Rothbart

Sharlene Lee

Ruby LeMorin

Debby Lin

Suma Mathai

Jack J. McMorrow

Patience Mohan

Joanna Newsom

Rehema Rhodes Williams

Julie Rivera Coo

Laura Roberts

Maria Salas Mendoza

Natasha M. Saltz

Trina Saunders

David Schwartz

Judy Schwartz-Behar

Cheryl Segal

Maya Shulman

Claire Skiles

Jessica Spiker

Elizabeth Stewart

Christine V. Twining

Laura Wasser

Alisa Wecker

Alyson Weeces

Gina Zaragoza