Ripped from the Headlines

Tuesday, May 3rd, Costa Mesa: “Man Held in Deaths of Ex-Wife, In-Law”
A woman and her father are gunned down by the woman’s ex-husband during a custody exchange of their 7-year old child.

Saturday, May 7th, East Los Angeles: “4 Die in Apparent Murder- Suicide”
A man shoots his girlfriend and their 5-year old twins before turning the gun on himself.

Reports indicate that one 1 of 4 women in this country will be victimized through domestic battery sometime during their lifetimes. A recent study indicates that legal aid is one of the most effective means of preventing family violence. With legal intervention, the abuse can be ended, the children protected and economic support secured. Since 1982, the Harriett Buhai Center has provided free legal assistance to very low-income (65% of the federal poverty level) domestic violence victims in LA. Over 30,000 families have received direct assistance since the Center’s inception. At the Center, over 80% of female clients report domestic abuse. What can begin as a routine custody exchange or an argument between a couple as seen on the newspaper and television can quickly escalate to dangerous and sometimes fatal situations. The Harriett Buhai Center addresses these problems daily.

At the Center, low-income victims and their children are provided with tangible means to protect themselves, leave their abusers and rebuild their lives. The Center’s legal services and support enables victims to ensure the welfare of their children, gain confidence to work, go to school and strengthen their families. In addition the Center visits a broad array of community colleges and neighborhood agencies providing legal education about domestic violence and other family problems, giving individuals the tools to make informed decisions. For more information on the Center’s programs click here.