Volunteer Training Day – What a Success!

On Saturday, June 11th the Center held its family law training for new volunteers at Loyola  Law School. The day began with the Honorable Dianna Gould-Saltman, a former volunteer and family law attorney, greeting the crowd. Experienced volunteer attorneys joined with Center staff lawyers in teaching to the new enrollees. Thank you to volunteers Amy Goldman, Christine Twining, Robert Moss and Laurence Kaldor. Board President Valerie Cohen, herself a volunteer, spoke of the many ways to get involved with the Center. Powerpoint and a Jeopardy-like game enhanced the training methods for this year. One satisfied new volunteer said, “Great! Lives up to its reputation!”

Following the training, Senior Staff Attorney Cheryl Segal received this wonderful thank you note from an attendee:

“As an attendee at the New Volunteer Training Program this past weekend, I wanted to thank you for making it such a wonderful experience. I found your talks to be both exceptionally informative and deeply inspirational. You personified the spirit of the Center for me and Jeopardy was loads of fun! My first day as a volunteer at the Buhai Center is in July, and I am really looking forward to it. I also look forward to the next time I see you so that I can thank you again in person.

Warm Regards, A.M.”

For more information on volunteering: or 213-388-7505 ext.319