The Center Welcomes Irmas Fellow Jacqueline Klein

On September 16th the Center welcomed Irmas Fellow Jacqueline Klein to begin her work on The Family and Mental Health Law Project. Her project, funded generously by USC PILF and  the Irmas Foundation, will be to work with Center clients with mental health disabilities. There is currently no program in Los Angeles that focuses on the intersection of mental health and family law.  This innovative program will allow the Center to advocate on behalf of this highly disenfranchised group to create legal services that specialize in the unique issues that affect parents with  mental illness.

The Family and Mental Health Law Project will allow the Harriett Buhai Center to provide the necessary services to this population. Legal advocacy specializing in family and mental health law is necessary to assist clients with mental illness when such illnesses have prevented or limited a parent’s access to his or her children. This project will provide direct legal services to clients with these issues and create a compendium of resources and knowledge for future assistance.

For more information on the project please contact: