CLE Presentation: Bridging the Legal and Mental Health Worlds

Making CA Family Code 3190 Counseling Orders Work for Your Clients

Bridging the Gap between the Legal and Mental Health Worlds:

An upcoming new Continuing Legal Education program brought to you by the Harriett Buhai Center for Family Law.

Date: Friday, March 2, 2012

Time: 1:00PM – 4:30PM

Location: Loyola Law School

Details: Kids who have to be forced to see a parent; kids who won’t talk to or visit with a parent; parents who can’t even agree on the day of the week it is; parents who fight about everything including schools the kids go to, exchange sites, parenting styles, clothing —have you ever had one of these cases?

If so, this program lead by the well-regarded team of psychologist Dr. Mary Lund and family law Judge Thomas Trent Lewis is for you. The session will cover identifying the problems and persuading the judge and the parties to address them through counseling, preparing an order for counseling that mental health providers can use and the courts can enforce, setting measurable outcomes for use by the court, lawyers, parties and counselors, addressing the logistics and mechanics, finding mental health resources in a scarce economy with or without health insurance, and much more.