“It’s like a brand new beginning for us.”

When she first came to the Center, Yolanda* was terrified by her husband’s growing gang involvement. She was very fearful and traumatized by his physical and sexual violence towards her, sometimes witnessed by their two small children. He carried a gun which she found unprotected in their home, and he said he could not assure the family’s safety when they traveled because of gang fighting. She had absolutely no money to pay for a lawyer to relieve her nightmare.

The Center acted quickly and helped her gain temporary and permanent custody protecting her children from exposure to violence, respond to her husband’s papers, and prepare successfully for trial. Today she has full custody and the children are out of harm’s way. She feels safe.  She currently works at another non-profit organization helping others.

Here is what Yolanda has to say about the Harriett Buhai Center’s importance in her life:

“Only after getting custody was I able to focus on my life and my kids. The Harriett Buhai Center’s services had a huge impact on my life because the Center gave me peace of mind and provided me with permanency and stability for me and my daughters. It’s like a brand new beginning for us.

The Harriett Buhai Center has made all the difference in the world to us. The Buhai Center gave us the safety and security that we did not have in our life before. They gave me a foundation; something you need when you have kids. In my current job I am advocating for parents and I see myself continuing in this field. Before I did not have a future and I only saw a dark hole.”

It is only with your help that we can continue to respond to another Yolanda who crosses our door.

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*The client’s name has been changed to protect her identity.