Welcome 2012 Summer Law Student Interns

The Harriett Buhai Center is thrilled to welcome our 2012 Summer Law Students Ashley Caldwell, Rebecca Fischer, Meaghan Glisczinski, Shani Kupferman, Kelley Lowe, Brody McKelvey and Laura Zaragoza.

Law students are an integral part of the Center’s practice and the Center is strongly committed to mentoring and training our students. During their first two weeks at the Center, students participate in a training course dealing with issues such as domestic violence, diversity, public benefits, writing skills, and substantive family law. Throughout the summer, they get hands on experience meeting one on one with clients and they get feedback from their supervising attorneys on an almost daily basis.

Former interns say:

 •“The program is definitely life changing. The program teaches not only how to be a strong advocate for your client but also provided me with satisfaction that I am making a difference.”

 •“Harriett Buhai’s law student program not only benefits the clients that it is dedicated to helping, but it also makes a positive difference in each and every law student that belongs in the program. Thank you.”

 •“All the attorneys are wonderful and are interested in mentoring students.”

 •“The Center has shown me what a good nonprofit organization should do, which is to serve its clients in the most professional manner as possible….The Center cares for them.”

 •“I always knew I wanted to become a family law attorney and working at the Center confirmed it.”

For more information about internship opportunities for law students and recent law school graduates, please contact