Helping Clients While Gaining CFLS Experience

“When I began representing clients at the Center, I knew we were making a difference in their lives, but I was surprised to see how much of a benefit it was to me as well,” says Robyn Santucci (pictured left), Principal at Santucci Family Law, P.C.

In 2013, Santucci began volunteering on the Center’s Pro Bono Panel. With the full support and encouragement of her firm, she accepted a large pro bono caseload. Looking to expand her family law skills and knowledge for Certification as a Family Law Specialist (CFLS), Santucci sought out cases that allowed her to tackle family law problems she did not see in her private practice.

In one case that Santucci handled, a client’s abusive husband went to great lengths to stalk her, using an electronic tracking device on her car. Santucci was able to secure a Restraining Order to help protect her and their child. “I really got to dig deep into these cases and understand the unique and complex problems that Center clients are facing,” says Santucci.

Santucci has produced great results for her clients. “Robyn is incredibly detailed-oriented and thorough,” says Rehema Rhodes Williams, Pro Bono Panel Manager for the Center. “When we refer a case to her, we know it is good hands.” For one client, whose ex-partner is a suspected gang member, Santucci acted as both lawyer and counselor, securing sole custody for the client and assisting her through the entire court process. “This young mom was very scared and needed someone to walk her through everything. I’m glad I could do that for her,” says Santucci.

Santucci is excited about her upcoming certification and has really enjoyed her work at the Center. “The case files are always well-organized and pleadings are well-prepared. It’s a pleasure to prep for the actual hearings and build upon what has already been done in a case,” says Santucci. “It’s a great place to broaden your experience.”