Rising Stars Review: Lopez & Grager Step Up

Today’s article is the first in an ongoing series highlighting Family Law “Rising Stars” who support the Center through donations and volunteer work. Eve Lopez and Alex Grager are the first Rising Stars to be featured.

As soon as they formed their new firm, Lopez & Grager, Eve Lopez and Alex Grager made a decision to give to the Harriett Buhai Center. They regard their profession as an extremely important one for representing people who are facing intensely personal crossroads requiring hard navigation. They believe it is their responsibility as family law attorneys to make sure people who cannot afford an attorney gain access to the legal system. “Access is crucial,” says Mr. Grager who regards the Center’s programs, especially the Domestic Violence Project, as invaluable to those who need legal help or information about shelters and restraining orders.

Ms. Lopez holds the Center’s Pro Per program in high esteem. She recalls speaking with a Center client at an event and noting the woman’s positive outlook after getting the Center’s help. “The Center clients have a higher incidence of awakening about their options than other litigants without help,” she explains. Eve’s motivation to help occurred after she watched a woman without counsel fail to get a restraining order. Ms. Lopez determined that it is “not only the duty but the responsibility of family law attorneys to make meaningful contributions both in donating time and money” to places such as the Center.

Moreover, she feels that the senior family law attorneys have fulfilled their roles as leaders in the practice, and it’s time for the younger generation to “step up.” Mr. Grager echoes that sentiment, and he hopes their support of the Center will help spread the word to other attorneys to give back to the community.