Father Preserves Precious Moments With His Daughter

This Father’s Day is a happy one for Robert*, a disabled young dad, who is able to see his daughter again thanks to the Harriett Buhai Center. For Robert, every moment with his daughter is precious. Facing a life-threatening illness at age 19, Robert has survived a heart transplant, a stroke and a compromised immune system. But, relishing life, Robert had a daughter, Bella*, with his girlfriend. Although Bella lived with her mother, the bond with her dad was strong, and he was a part of her life. When Bella turned six, her mother shut Robert out of Bella’s life and moved twice without telling him. Devastated, Robert found the Harriett Buhai Center for Family Law and asked for help.

With legal assistance from the Center and pro bono attorneys Greg Pinto and Pat Lynch, Robert obtained court orders to share legal custody of Bella. At court, Bella’s mother insisted that Robert’s medical problems prevented him from ever being a sole caregiver. Based on the medical evidence presented through the Center’s lawyers, the judge disagreed. Robert was given alternate weekends and a large portion of summertime with his daughter.

It was moving to represent a dad that was so committed to being involved in his daughter’s life,” remarked volunteer lawyer Pinto. “He was so grateful for our help.

*Names and images have been changed to protect our client’s privacy.