Living Without Fear

Happily settled in a new life, fortified by a college degree and a rewarding job helping others, Sarah* no longer lives in fear of her ex-husband.

Sarah’s sexual abuse started after she became pregnant, and then the beatings and intimidation began.  Calling the police was unthinkable because her husband threatened to hurt her and their baby if she made any report. When her husband threatened to kill Sarah and their young son, Sarah fled.  Furious that she had left him, Sarah’s husband tracked her down and punched her in the face.  Shattered, Sarah got a restraining order lasting 5 years, moved again and lived looking over her shoulder.

Unable to afford an attorney to advise her, Sarah was too late to renew the restraining order. Fearful again, Sarah knew she needed legal help to feel safe once more. With the support and preparation of the Center’s volunteer and staff attorneys, Sarah gained the courage to represent herself at the court hearing and obtained full custody of her son. The judge denied any contact between the father and the son.

Sarah says she now has “confidence in herself” and is “thankful to the Center for helping her close a difficult chapter” in her life.  “I just couldn’t believe that I could do it myself…but the Center was with me all of the way.”



*Name and photo changed to protect client’s privacy.