Giving Back After All the Years

The halls of the Harriett Buhai Center buzz with lively discussions of legal issues and past trials from the three retired volunteer lawyers and one on sabbatical who are contributing their time and knowledge. Bringing collective legal experience of nearly 200 years, Pat Lynch, Jerry Friedman, Mercy Fresno and Richard Gould-Saltman represent new and highly resourceful additions to the Center’s volunteer program. Their deep experience enables them to quickly aid clients, provide guidance to staff attorneys, prepare briefs in individual cases and matters of public policy, and on occasion, represent clients in court. Betty Nordwind, the Center’s Executive Director, states, “They are a great asset for the Center, and we value their commitment to give back to our clients very highly.”

There’s a high level of satisfaction among these advocates for the work they do. “The Center’s clients pay with appreciation” says Gould-Saltman. Friedman echoes this sentiment: “The work is so rewarding, and it’s a unique opportunity to stay professionally connected. I’m retired from work, but not from life.”

To find out more about volunteering, contact Taryn May, Volunteer Coordinator: ; 213-388-7505 ext 319.

Image: Volunteers (L-R) Jerry Friedman, Richard Gould-Saltman, and Mercy Fresno