Finding Peace for Her Family

After Laura* got a restraining order against her husband, she thought her family could settle into a safer and peaceful life without her husband’s jealous and abusive rages. But, the abuse did not stop.

He defied the order repeatedly and threatened to hurt her or kill her. He accused her of turning the children against him, and he swore that he would never leave her alone. He threatened her by phone in front of the children and called her a “whore.” Her son became withdrawn asking for her reassurance that she would not leave them.

Laura and her children were living in turmoil, and she didn’t know how to stop her husband’s vicious attacks. When she found the Center, she desperately wanted to reclaim her hopes of a secure and stable life for her family. With guidance and preparation from the Center’s volunteer attorneys and staff, Laura grew confident enough to represent herself in court. She obtained a new restraining order, a divorce and sole custody of the children. Laura is thankful for the “great team” who helped her feel “strong and comfortable” enough to represent herself in court and move on with her family.

*Name and photo changed to protect client’s privacy.