Meet the Center’s New Director of Legal Services: Elizabeth Erickson

I am excited and pleased to introduce you to our Director of Legal Services, Elizabeth Erickson, who began this new job on July 1, 2019.

As Director of Legal Services, Elizabeth’s position encompasses management and oversight of all aspects of our legal program. In addition to relieving me of oversight of the legal program, I believe that our new full-time position and changed organizational structure will allow for greater consistency, coordination, and efficiency in the handling of all our work because of the increased focus it makes possible. I have worked with Elizabeth since her early days as a law student in 2006 and greatly respect and have confidence in her legal abilities and judgment. I am truly looking forward to the new perspectives, plans, and approaches she will bring to this job as well as the consolidated management she offers to all of us. Please join me in welcoming Elizabeth as our new Director of Legal Services and wishing her good luck in her new position.

Betty L. Nordwind, Executive Director