The Law Student Corner – Q&A with our Students

True to the adage that you “can’t go home again” because it’s not the same,  Ruby LeMorin and Lucas Garcia returned to the Harriett Buhai Center for Family Law during their third year of UCLA Law School as different people. Our abbreviated interview captures some of their thoughts and reflections upon their return in spring 2021. They first came to the Center during the summer of 2019, having completed one year of law school. As of this writing, they both have graduated and are taking the summer 2021 CA bar examination.

See videos of Lucas and Ruby, along with other summer interns, discussing their Center experience here.

Q: What made each of you choose to return to the Center?  

Ruby: I love the work that the Center does, and I enjoy working directly with members of my community. I’m thankful to have the opportunity to join in efforts to help clients achieve stability, safety and peace in their home lives.

Lucas: As an intern, I enjoyed working on legal issues that positively impacted the lives of vulnerable clients, and I wanted to continue that work. During my summer at the Center, I didn’t have the legal practice I do now to adequately tackle larger issues. I returned with more practice and knowledge under my belt to dive deeper into the family law landscape.

Q: How did your first placement at the Center change your law school experience (and other internships or practice you’ve done since)?

Ruby:  It helped me understand what law practice looks like in reality and what it would be like to work as a family law attorney. It helped me become more comfortable communicating with a supervising attorney about my work assignments and schedule, as well as my long-term career goals.

Lucas: I realized how important it was to work with people I enjoyed being around on both a professional and personal level. I created great connections with my mentors at the Center who have given me much needed guidance and support through the past two years.

Q: What kinds of things have you learned as an intern at the Center? 

Ruby: I’ve learned a ton about family law and community property. During the summer of 2019, I spent quite a bit of time working on domestic violence restraining orders for clients. I also learned how to better communicate with clients through interviews in person and over the phone.

Lucas: I had my very first experience creating work product that would affect people’s legal matters, and I learned a lot about client-centered advocacy. Interns hone their legal analysis skills, and they learn how to work with a team of attorneys and staff. 

May 2021