2024 Volunteer Award Recipients

The Mercy Fresno Hall of Fame Award honors a volunteer whose efforts exhibit, by action and deed over an extended period of time, exceptional service and dedication to the Center, its clients and its causes, and who has left a permanent mark in its history as its namesake.

The Frances Wender Kandel Volunteer of the Year Award honors a volunteer who has shown a dedication to community service, the Center and its clients, in the tradition of the award’s namesake, Frances Wender Kandel, a volunteer lawyer who, before her untimely death, helped start the Center and was one of its biggest cheerleaders and active participants.

The Pro Bono Volunteer of the Year Award honors a volunteer lawyer who has provided substantial and extraordinary service in a case or cases, or in a subject matter, providing relief to a client or clients who without the assistance, would have been irreparably injured.

The New Volunteer of the Year Award honors an individual who has joined the Center as a volunteer within the last 12 months, and has shown spirit, energy and commitment to serving as a role model for other new participants.

The Distinguished Service Award honors a volunteer whose contributions within the year has exceeded expectations, and benefitted clients as well as the needs of the Center.

The Pro Bono Firm of the Year award honors a firm whose members provide exceptional professional assistance to Center clients. The firm’s generous contribution of its time and expertise ensures that the Center’s clients have meaningful access to the family court system.

March 2024