Pillars of the Community- Room Naming Campaign

Become a Harriett Buhai Center Pillar of the Community
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Endow a room or space at the Harriett Buhai Center for Family Law. Your name will be permanently embossed on our walls.

The Pillars of the Community Campaign is a special opportunity to permanently name a room or space at the Harriett Buhai Center for Family Law in its recently remodeled suite. Contributors to the Pillars Campaign will be recognized in perpetuity on a grand plaque in the Center’s reception room as well as on embossed signage affixed to a wing, room or hall, based on your gift.

Joining the Pillars of the Community Campaign means that your name will be linked with the Center’s mission and compassionate services. Individuals, groups, firms and other entities are all able to pledge their support for this Campaign. We welcome and encourage donations made in memory or tribute to revered individuals.

Pillars of the Community Naming Levels and Room Options


Pillars Level: $15,000
Name on Grand Plaque and Wall Plaque

  • Wing: A central spine of the Center’s suite from which six or more rooms radiate

Foundation Level: $10,000
Name on Grand Plaque and Room Plaque

  • Attorney Office: Offices dedicated to a staff lawyer performing the essential legal work of the Center

Cornerstone Level: $5,000
Name on Grand Plaque and Room Plaque

  • Client Services: Offices where clients receive critical assistance from staff and volunteers
  • Interns and Volunteers: Rooms for student interns and volunteers where the community service ethic and the next generation of public-minded lawyers and other professionals are nurtured

Frame Level: $3,000
Name on Grand Plaque and Room/Space Plaque

  • Administrative: Offices for behind-the-scenes staff providing critical infrastructure for development, personnel, data and other functions
  • Hall: Connecting corridors from which two or more rooms radiate

Buttress Level: $1,500
Name on Grand Plaque

We are very grateful to the following donors who have made Pillars gifts to date:

Kappy Bristol In Honor of Larsh Bristol (Wing)

Bruce A. Clemens and Brandi Roth (Wing and Staff Attorney Office)

The California Community Foundation (Volunteer Office)

The California Endowment (Intern Office)

Margie Doniger, N.S. Goldstein Foundation, and the Weston Family (Staff Attorney Office)

Frankel Reichman & Rizzo LLP (Client Services Room)

Larry Ginsberg- In Honor of Betty L. Nordwind (Pro Bono Manager Office)

Stan Iezman and Nancy Stark (Wing)

Chris Jones (Name on Grand Plaque)

Beverley Morgan-Sandoz- In Honor of Judge John H. Sandoz (Staff Attorney Office)

Robert Tuffias and Family (Volunteer Coordinator Office)

Please contact us via email at pillars@hbcfl.org or phone at (213) 388-7505 ext. 317 for more information on making a Pillars gift.

For information on other giving options, please click here.

Photos generously provided by Douglas Hill Photography.