Practicing Attorney

Pro Per Program

As our largest volunteer program, the Pro Per Program offers volunteers flexibility in both scheduling  and types of client appointments. The two appointment options are listed below.

  • RSVP: In this Remote Services Volunteer Program (RSVP), volunteers interview and provide initial advice to prospective clients in consultation with staff. COAS (Client Orientation and Assessment System) appointments are held over the phone and are on most Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and one or two Saturdays a month. Appointments are generally 2-4 hours long.
  • Individual Appointments (TEMPORARILY ON PAUSE DURING PANDEMIC): Volunteers prepare pleadings, declarations and a variety of other assistance and instruction to help individuals prepare for court. This may include individual advice, meetings, and interviews with clients. Individual appointments take place at the Center.

Volunteers schedule themselves based on their availability using the Center’s online volunteer calendar and scheduling system. Completion of the Harriett Buhai Center’s New Volunteer Training and on-boarding process is required for this program. Click here to inquire.

Pro Bono Panel

Our Pro Bono Panel consists of volunteer attorneys with varying levels of experience who provide limited scope representation and/or full representation to clients. Volunteers become the client’s attorney of record, either for the whole case through Judgment or for a limited purpose (e.g., the initial RFO for temporary support and custody). Membership on the Pro Bono Panel is selective and at the discretion of the Harriett Buhai Center.

Interested CA attorneys may inquire about this program by contacting Participation in the New Volunteer Training program is not required for Pro Bono Panel attorneys.

Family Law Intensive Program (FLIP)

The Harriett Buhai Center’s Family Law Intensive Program (FLIP) is designed for law school graduates and attorneys who seek an immersive educational experience with the goal of learning the basics of family law. In this innovative new program, volunteers are paired with a supervising Staff Attorney to maximize exposure to family law forms, procedures, and clients.

The program is designed for individuals who are:

  • Graduating law school
  • Awaiting bar results
  • Starting a new practice
  • Transitioning practice areas
  • Re-entering the workforce
  • Retiring from private practice or other employment
  • Moving from another state

The time commitment for this volunteer program is a minimum of 15 hours of service per week for a minimum of ten weeks. Completion of the Harriett Buhai Center’s New Volunteer Training is required for this program. Click here to inquire.