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Celebrating 40 Years of Family Law Justice.

The Harriett Buhai Center is celebrating 40 years of empowering people in need and assuring them meaningful access to the courts. The Center is so grateful for all of its supporters that make its work possible. Click here to make a donation in honor of the Center’s 40th Anniversary!

Stopping the Lethal Threat to Her Children

“Daddy has a gun!” Renata’s* 10-year- old son blurted out when she picked him and his two brothers up from their dad’s custody.  Her son found the gun in their bedroom dresser drawer and took photos of it. That day, the boys had been left alone until after midnight.  Alarmed when she saw the photos,
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“The Center was a lifesaver for me and my son.”

It’s been a long struggle for Martin* and his son, Eddie* but thanks to the Harriett Buhai Center they are thriving together as a family at last. They live in their own home now instead of shelters, and Martin has permanent custody of his son. Martin has high hopes for Eddie, a middle schooler, who
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